Addressing Preschool Problems

Starting school is one of the most important milestones that a child would have. Parents prepare a lot for this and they also invest a lot for this. A preschool is the first school that a child will enter. That is why parents make sure that they find the right preschool that could give the best for their children. However, conflicts and problems would always be inevitable regarding schools which could soon lead to more serious problems.

One such school in Singapore is My Little Campus, which is a preschool for children from infants to kindergarten children. They are notable for their primary school preparation programs, that teaches kindergarten children linguistic, Mathematics, Science, and social skills to prepare them adequately for primary school. You should definitely check their site above if you are serious about helping your child.

Next, TOH EE MING AND SIAU MING EN, will give us an example of a preschool who had encountered a serious problem.

Parents left with ‘hassle’ of finding new preschools for their kids following closures

SINGAPORE – Parents of children registered at four preschools were met with a rude shock on Wednesday (Oct 4) when news broke that the schools will close from Oct 12.

The four affected preschools — Buttercups Kindergarten at Pasir Panjang, Buttercups Kindergarten at Rochester, Frobel Preschool at Woodlands and School House ByTheGarden at Ang Mo Kio – are operated by beleaguered operator Friedrich Frobel Holding, and follows from three other preschools under its management that were closed in late August and September. The company is also facing an ongoing lawsuit between its shareholders and criminal investigations by police.

Besides the inconvenience of having to search for another suitable preschool for their children, some parents expressed concern about whether they would be refunded for school fees and deposits that have already been paid.

News of the closure was all too “sudden” for Ms Andrea Ong, 33, given that she had just enrolled her 3-year-old son at the Ang Mo Kio centre only last month. “I just bought the new school uniform for him and now (this has happened) and I have to start over again and find another school for him,” she said. Read more here.

Some parents are now facing some serious problems regarding their child’s preschool which was forced to close due to some reasons. What they are concerned about the most is if they would be able to have a refund of the payments they have made. Another hassle they are experiencing now is finding a new preschool for their children which is not an easy thing to do. In addition, The Asian Parent will share to us parents’ views about Singapore preschool education. Let us read below.

Parents speak up on Singapore preschool education

Parents want higher quality preschool education that is more accessible and affordable, based on survey findings released today by the Lien Foundation. And they want the government to step in to regulate the industry, too.

Following its benchmarking study entitled “Starting Well”, which placed Singapore 29th out of 45 countries in quality of early childhood education, the Lien Foundation presented their findings from a survey of 1,395 parents to find out just how important preschool education is to parents and challenges they face in enrolling and keeping their children in childcare centres and kindergartens.

The importance of preschool education

Based on the results, an overwhelming 96% of parents considered preschool important or very important to their children’s education. To this end, Ms Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte, Deputy Head (Academic) of the SEED Institute and Centre Director of The Caterpillar’s Cove, notes that the emphasis on preschool education as a way to “teach my child to enjoy learning and be a lifelong learner” (68% of respondents surveyed) should really apply more to children at nursery level. Read more here.

So parents voiced out their concerns about some preschools in Singapore. Some are about expenses, the quality of education, and location.  In relation to that,  Lianne Chia will tell us about a report saying that 40,000 new preschool places will be added in the next five years.

National Day Rally: 40,000 new pre-school places to be added in next 5 years

SINGAPORE: An additional 40,000 pre-school places will be created in the next five years, particularly for children up to four years old, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Sunday (Aug 20).

In his National Day Rally speech, Mr Lee noted that in the last five years, 50,000 more pre-school places were created, but there are still shortages in the newer towns. With the increase, the total number of pre-school places will go up to 200,000 – almost double what Singapore had, he said.

Pre-school education was one of three longer-term issues Mr Lee previously highlighted in his National Day message, noting that even as Singapore continues to be preoccupied with urgent issues domestically and externally, it must also look beyond the horizon and prepare for the future. Read more here.

The preschool places that will soon be allotted will be for children up to 4 years old. They are going to place them in areas that have few or lesser preschools. This would address some of the concerns about location and student population. Problems are really inevitable. What is important is that the management would do something about it as early and as much as possible. It is also important for parents to be careful in choosing their preschool in order to avoid these kinds of problems.


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