What We Need To Know When Choosing A Childcare Centre

Busy parents who have children usually bring their kids to a childcare centre so they could go to work. Some parents might be scared or so worried to do this, but they have no choice. What they can do to feel secure is to actually choose the right and credible childcare centre. There a lot of things to consider that is why parents have to be extra careful about it. In this article, we are going to talk about how we should choose the right childcare centre for our children.

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Which Infant Care Or Child Care Options In Singapore Is Parents’ Best Choice?

It is parent’s worst dilemma in considering to spend time with your infant or continue with your career. At this crossroad, you are caught between missing spending the most awe years with your kid or becoming financially crippled. More often than not, most parents opt to continue with their career due to the high cost of living in Singapore where they will need to consider the best infant care or child care option for their kid. Below are some of the options that are often adopted by parents.

Infant Care Or Child Care Centre

Also known as preschool or infant care, child care centres are one of the best choices for parents working full time. Child care centres provide full day and half day service and are ideal for kids of 2 months to 18 months of age.


Your kid develops faster as he or she can learn to make friends socially, play with others of the same age. There are educational activities where the toddler can start to learn simple things at a tender age, developing them physically and psychosocially. Read more here.

Provided above are helpful information about the advantages and disadvantages of a childcare centre, of daytime nanny or babysitter, of parents or in-laws, and of a domestic helper. Those pieces of information would be a great help for parents’ decisions. If we choose a childcare centre, 4 My Childs will give us tips for choosing a suitable child care centre.

Tips For Choosing A Suitable Child Care Centres

In today’s climate, both parents have to work in order to sustain a family. This demonstrated the important role child care centres play in children development. When a child is ready to join a child care centre, parents started to do a lot of research about child care centres.  Parents begin by starting on an iterative process, considering a number of factors. In all cases, parents face tough decisions during the child care centres selection stage because of the importance of early childhood education. Click here to visit Singapore largest Childcare Centres portal to shortlist your childcare centres.

In no order of importance, the following are some factors to consider: –

Organisation and operations

Branding of the child care centres is important because established child care centres have more systematic approach. Some of these child care centres, such as MindChamps are run with the franchise model which tends to follow the high standards set by the franchisee. Established child care centres tends to have more resources hence allowing bigger scale events to be organised. Those smaller child care centres may not be able to provide similar scale events. Read more here.

One of the tips mentioned above is the environment. It is really important to know if the environment is safe. We are going to leave our children in the care of other people and we won’t be able to monitor them that is why it important to check potential danger in the surroundings.

Food is offered to our children in childcare centres and that is another thing we should consider. In a report by Lynn wee, it says that only a third of childcare centres in Singapore serve healthier food to pre-schoolers. Let us read about it below.

Only a third of child care centres in Singapore serve healthier food to pre-schoolers

When a public health don recently went to a fast-food outlet, he saw a mother pour Coke into a baby milk bottle – and feed it to her toddler.

Anecdotally, Singapore’s young children seem to be consuming more sweet things, from sugared fruit juices and flavoured milk to cakes.

And a Straits Times check finds that only about one-third of all childcare centres in Singapore – or 427 – are complying with the Government’s guidelines on healthy food for pre-schoolers, who are aged between three and six.

This has National University of Singapore Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health dean Chia Kee Seng worried.

Young children who eat and drink sweetened food are at higher risk of diabetes when they grow up, he warned. This is because such habits will “condition them to consume more sweetened products as they grow older”. Read more here.

This is bad news because children are supposed to be eating healthy food. As parents, ask our children about it and make necessary actions if the school really serves unhealthy food. No parent wants that for their child. Childcare centres are places for children. The administration and the owners should make sure that the best is given to their students no matter what the cost and expenses are.

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